Finloo PH
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1st loan
0 - 25000 php
Max. sum
25000 php
1 - 30 days
First loan rate
0.01 %
0.01 %
Issue time
Loan amount
1000 php
20 days
2 days
To payoff
1002 days
Loan amount
1000 грн
20 дней
2 php
To payoff
1002 php

Company Overview

Finloo is a trusted financial institution that specializes in providing convenient and accessible loan solutions through its platform, Finloo loan. With a commitment to customer satisfaction and financial empowerment, Finloo strives to make borrowing a seamless and transparent experience for individuals in need.

Terms and Types of Lending

Finloo offers a diverse range of loan options tailored to meet the varying financial needs of its customers. From personal loans to business financing, Finloo provides flexible terms and competitive rates to accommodate different borrowing requirements.

Who Can Get a Loan from Finloo

Loans from Finloo are available to individuals who have a steady source of income and meet the creditworthiness criteria set by the company. Applicants with a positive credit history and stable financial standing are eligible to apply for a loan from Finloo.

How to Apply Online for a Loan from Finloo

Applying for a loan from Finloo is a straightforward process. Customers can conveniently submit their loan applications online through the Finloo platform by providing the necessary information and documentation.

Is It Safe to Take a Loan from the Company

Finloo prioritizes the security and privacy of its customers’ personal and financial information. The company employs advanced security measures and encryption technologies to ensure that all transactions and data are protected, making it safe to take a loan from Finloo.

How to Extend a Loan with Finloo

Customers who need to extend the duration of their loan with Finloo can easily do so by contacting customer support or utilizing the loan extension feature available on the platform. Finloo aims to provide flexibility and assistance to customers facing financial challenges.

Why Is It Worth Taking a Loan from the Company

Taking a loan from Finloo offers several benefits, including transparent terms, competitive interest rates, and responsive customer service. Finloo is committed to providing a positive borrowing experience and helping customers achieve their financial goals.


Finloo stands as a reliable financial partner, offering accessible loan solutions with transparent terms and excellent customer service. With its commitment to security and customer satisfaction, borrowing from Finloo is a wise choice for individuals seeking financial assistance.


What do I need to take a loan from Finloo?

  • To take a loan from Finloo, you need to have a stable income and meet the creditworthiness criteria set by the company.

How to repay a loan in Finloo?

  • Repaying a loan in Finloo is simple and convenient, with options for online payments, bank transfers, or payments at designated locations.

What happens if you do not pay a loan in Finloo?

  • Failure to repay a loan in Finloo may result in late fees, damage to your credit score, and potential debt collection actions.
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