Crezu PH
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1st loan
0 - 25000 php
Max. sum
25000 php
1 - 60 days
First loan rate
0.01 %
0.01 %
Issue time
Loan amount
1000 php
20 days
2 days
To payoff
1002 days
Loan amount
1000 грн
20 дней
2 php
To payoff
1002 php

Review of online loan Crezu Credit

Crezu Credit is a well-known microfinance organization that provides the opportunity to quickly and conveniently receive financial assistance in the form of an online loan.

Conditions and types of lending in microfinance organizations

Crezu loan offers various types of loans with attractive terms and flexible repayment terms.

Who can get a loan from MFO Crezu Credit

A loan from MFO Crezu A loan can be obtained by adult citizens of Ukraine with a positive credit history and legal capacity.

How to apply online for a loan at MFO Crezu Credit

Applying for a loan with Crezu Credit is very simple – just register on their website and fill out the online application form.

Is it safe to take a loan from an MFO?

Crezu Credit guarantees the confidentiality and security of all transactions and personal data of its clients.

How to extend a loan at MFO Crezu Credit

To extend your loan at Crezu Credit, contact their support team and find out the conditions and possible options.

Why is it worth taking a loan from an MFO?

Taking out a loan from Crezu Credit is profitable due to attractive conditions and a quick loan decision.

Advantages of CREZU over banks:

  1. Design without a formal approach. Review of the application in 5 minutes, issuance of funds to the card in 10-15 minutes.
  2. 24/7 access to the service.
  3. No hidden conditions

What to do if you are rejected by a microfinance organization

If you have been denied a loan from Crezu Credit, contact them for an explanation and alternative options for resolving the situation.


Crezu Credit company is a reliable partner for obtaining financial support, which offers convenient conditions and fast service.

Company contact details

SiteAddresscontact numberEmailLicense, Dnepropetrovsk region, Dnepr city, Lesopilnaya street, building


  • How to repay a loan on Crezu?

    • To repay your loan on Crezu, use any available payment method through your personal account on their website.
  • How to repay a Crezu loan through Privat24?

    • Add Crezu as a payee in Privat24 and make the payment through the mobile application.
  • How to repay a Crezu loan if there is no money?

    • Contact Crezu for installment payment or other options.
  • How to repay a Crezu loan through the terminal?

    • Use the payment terminal, enter the required details and make the loan payment.
  • How to get a loan from Crezu?

    • To get a loan from Crezu, fill out an online application on their website and wait for a decision.
  • What do you need to take out a loan online at Crezu?

    • To receive a loan online at Crezu, you will need a passport and additional documents if necessary.
  • What happens if you don’t pay your loan to Crezu?

    • Failure to pay your loan may result in penalties and a negative impact on your credit history.
  • Why don’t they give a loan in Crezu?

    • Refusal to re-loan may be due to non-compliance with the previous loan or other financial circumstances.
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