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1st loan
0 - 1000 php
Max. sum
1000 php
1 - 30 days
First loan rate
0 %
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Issue time
Loan amount
1000 php
20 days
0 days
To payoff
1000 days
Loan amount
1000 грн
20 дней
0 php
To payoff
1000 php

Company Overview

Credihelp is a trusted financial institution specializing in providing accessible and reliable loans to individuals through its user-friendly platform, Credihelp loan. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, Credihelp goes beyond traditional lending to offer tailored solutions to its clients.

Terms and Types of Lending

Credihelp offers a diverse range of loan options, including personal loans, business loans, and short-term loans. The terms of lending vary depending on the amount and the applicant’s creditworthiness.

Who Can Get a Loan from Credihelp

Loans from Credihelp are available to individuals with a stable income and a positive credit history. Meeting these criteria allows applicants to be eligible for a loan from Credihelp.

How to Apply Online for a Loan from Credihelp

Applying for a loan from Credihelp is simple and convenient. Clients can complete the application process online by providing necessary information and documentation through the Credihelp platform.

Is It Safe to Take a Loan from the Company

Credihelp prioritizes the security and privacy of its clients’ information. Stringent security measures are in place to safeguard personal and financial data, ensuring a safe borrowing experience.

How to Extend a Loan with Credihelp

Clients can easily extend the duration of their loan with Credihelp by contacting customer support or utilizing the online platform’s extension feature.

Why Is It Worth Taking a Loan from the Company

Taking a loan from Credihelp offers numerous benefits, including flexible terms, competitive interest rates, and exceptional customer service. The company prioritizes customer satisfaction and strives to make the borrowing process as seamless as possible.


Credihelp emerges as a dependable financial partner, offering accessible and tailored loan solutions to meet the diverse needs of its clients. With its commitment to customer satisfaction and secure borrowing environment, choosing Credihelp for your financial needs is a decision you can trust.


What do I need to take a loan from Credihelp?

  • To take a loan from Credihelp, you need to have a stable source of income and a positive credit history.

How to repay a loan in Credihelp?

  • Repaying a loan in Credihelp can be done through various channels, including online payments, bank transfers, and in-person payments at designated locations.

What happens if you do not pay a loan in Credihelp?

  • Failure to repay a loan in Credihelp may lead to late fees, damage to credit score, and potential legal actions to recover the outstanding debt.
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