Cashspace PH
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1st loan
0 - 25000 php
Max. sum
25000 php
1 - 90 days
First loan rate
0.01 %
0.01 %
Issue time
Loan amount
1000 php
20 days
2 days
To payoff
1002 days
Loan amount
1000 грн
20 дней
2 php
To payoff
1002 php

Company Overview

Cashspace is a leading financial institution specializing in providing convenient and accessible loans to individuals through its innovative platform, Cashspace loan. Going beyond traditional lending, Cashspace creates new opportunities for its clients by offering flexible and tailored loan solutions.

Terms and Types of Loans

Cashspace offers a variety of loan options, including personal loans and short-term loans. The terms of lending depend on the amount and the client’s credit history.

Who Can Get a Loan from Cashspace

Loans from Cashspace are available to citizens with a good credit history and stable income. Those who meet these criteria can apply for a loan.

How to Apply Online for a Loan from Cashspace

Getting a loan from Cashspace is straightforward. Through their platform, clients can apply for a loan online by providing necessary information and documents.

Is It Safe to Take a Loan from the Company

Cashspace ensures a high level of security for its clients. All personal data and financial information are handled with great care and protected by modern encryption technologies.

How to Extend a Loan with Cashspace

Clients of Cashspace can easily extend the term of their loan by contacting customer support or using the appropriate feature on the platform.

Why Is It Worth Taking a Loan from the Company

Taking a loan from Cashspace is advantageous due to its quick approval process and favorable lending terms. The company offers convenience and reliability for its clients.


Cashspace stands as a reliable partner in the realm of financial services, offering quick and convenient online lending. With its accessible terms and reliable security, taking a loan from Cashspace is both convenient and secure.


What do I need to take a loan from Cashspace?

  • To take a loan from Cashspace, you need to have a stable income and satisfactory credit history.

How to repay a loan in Cashspace?

  • You can repay a loan in Cashspace through regular payments via online banking or payment terminals.

What happens if you do not pay a loan in Cashspace?

  • Failure to repay a loan in Cashspace may result in penalties, damage to credit reputation, and debt collection procedures.
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